Calculus I – Math 1241

Designed for students majoring in Mathematics, Science, or Engineering. It covers elementary functions, derivatives and their applications, and an introduction to definite integrals.

Prerequisite: An appropriate score on the Mathematics Placement Test; MATH 1103 with a grade of C or better, or placement by the Department.
Book: Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals, by James Stewart, 2nd edition
Calculators: The TI-84 and the TI-89  are recommended but any other graphing calculator is fine-check with your instructor. The use of a calculator may not be allowed on some quizzes, tests, and a portion of the final exam.
Final Exam: It is a three hours, closed book, comprehensive, common final exam. It consists of 3 parts. Part I, multiple choice, is designed to be done without calculators. Calculators are allowed on Part II multiple choice and Part III Free response.
Projects: Three projects are going to be given during the semester. Use link in the Header.
Webwork: Some problem sets are going to be assigned on the internet via webwork. To access Webwork, go to the Math department website at , click on the Webwork link, and then choose your section. To log in, use your NinerNet username and password.
Old Finals: To do well in the course, practice as many old common finals as possible. Old exams could be found on the following link: common final exams. Find solutions to a couple of Old Exams in the link provided in the Header.
 Lectures/Videos: The following online lectures provided by Dr. Taylor are very helpful. Click on the link below to watch the videos. Calculus I Lecture Videos – Fall 2014
Free Tutoring:    
  • The Mathematics Learning Center: It is in Fretwell 315. Schedule will be posted at the beginning of each semester. There is no need for an appointment.
  • The Center for academic excellence: Students may sign up for an appointment online, stop by the Tutorial Services office in 318K Fretwell, or call the office at 704-687-2163.